We break down the stats from no dose to 3rd dose
Bottom line: Vaccines work amazingly well

Our world will change forever as we finally exit the nightmare of COVID-19. This grand experiment in isolation will open a bit in a matter of weeks. 4 or maybe 8…but the end will come, even if in phases, during May through August. May this virus die and rot in…

It’s Vegan! Any Good? or Not?
Any Recipes? Read on…

These were questions occupying my mind ever since these things appeared at my local Safeway.
So I decided to spend a weekend afternoon carefully preparing two new Beyond Meat meatless patties to see what this is all about. Food or junk?

Do Ordinances to Ban Materials Help the Environment?

Banning might be necessary…Sometimes

Aside from hazardous materials, banning is a tool which cities, states, and nations can use as a last resort to rid the waste stream of problematic materials and those which cannot be recycled. This is warranted when no…

A Recap of Why Trump Won and How YOU can Move Forward

As I sit in JFK Airport after taking the red-eye (the morning after the election) I want to share my thoughts on this election. I don’t think you should care about my thoughts…since what do I know anyway…

Kevin Surace

Tech leader with almost 100 worldwide patents. Broadway & Streaming producer.

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